Scary Movies

I absolutely love Halloween. I love every single magical thing about it. Of course, it’s not just that one day, but the entire month of October, and the whole build up to Halloween that is so wonderful. Once the leaves start changing, and Fall begins settling in, the excitement and desire for everything creepy hits our house hard. We LOVE horror movies, my son and I both just cannot get enough of them! Actually, it runs in the family, all of my siblings love them too, and for as long as I can remember, since we were little kids. As I recall, it was the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie that really connected all of us to the genre, it was the first scary movie that we all watched together, repeatedly, loving how it scared the crap out of us over and over again. 

When I was a kid, I was extremely drawn to everything scary. The first book I remember taking out of the grown up section of the library when I was 5 years old, was on the Loch Ness Monster. Then there were two series of books for young adults, based on all different aspects of the occult, the Dark Forces collection and Twilight series (not the Twilight Saga), which I simply could not get enough of. Once I exhausted those collections, I moved on to John Saul and Stephen King, and anything else I could find that was spooky. The attraction to the scary movies quickly followed the interest in the books, but they were harder to access at such a young age, my parents weren’t really cool with renting R rated movies for their kids, but they couldn’t care less what I was reading, they just thought it was great that I was reading 400 page grown-up books at the age of seven, the topics were irrelevant. As luck would have it, my best friend’s parents were significantly more lenient than mine with the movies, so I was able to satisfy my curiosity on that end as well. By the time A Nightmare on Elm Street had come out, I had already seen the entire back wall of horror films at our local video store. I never outgrew my love for everything Spooky…

When my son was young, maybe around 3, we somehow fell into watching the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer together. I loved it and would watch it regularly, he would only catch a moment of it here or there, but those few moments made him beg me to let him watch more of it. He was drawn to The Spooky just as I had been it seemed. I figured that Buffy wasn’t so bad, I mean the bad guys just went poof and turned to dust when they were killed, no blood, no guts, just dust, and real people very rarely died. And as I mentioned in Girl Monsters, I figured it wasn’t so bad for him to watch a show where a girl was the superhero. I know, maybe not the most responsible parenting, but I’m not interested in the debate over that, this is what worked for us. He couldn’t get enough of the scary stuff, so we discovered the Goosebumps books and videos very early on, and he was hooked. As he grew older, watching scary movies together was one of our favorite bonding activities, and at the holidays when the whole family is around, we all have a great time getting scared out of our minds together! 

As I dated guys throughout the years, my son had two primary test questions for them which he would base his decision on as to whether or not they were right for me. The first question was always if they liked horror movies. He couldn’t actually comprehend someone spending any time hanging out with us if they didn’t like horror films, and clearly I couldn’t get serious with anyone like that. If they got past the first question, the second was what kind of music they listened to, but that’s a blog post for another day… I have to say though, watching guys crash and burn by answering his questions in the wrong way was always a somewhat tragic thing, decisions were made before they even knew what was hitting them. 

The guy I am dating now (who is actually a lot more than just “the guy who I am dating now”) doesn’t love horror movies. But he watches them. He tries so hard to like them, it is really incredibly endearing. He gets excited with us about the new ones coming out, because he knows how much we love them, though I know he is secretly hoping that I won’t actually make him watch them in the theater, since they’re always scarier on the big screen. And even as I write this, it’s the Sunday before Halloween, and instead of watching football all day, we have the AMC Halloween marathon on, because he wants to make me happy (okay, with some flipping back and forth on commercials…) He doesn’t love The Spooky, but he TOTALLY passed the test. We’re up to Halloween 4 now, which just made him remind me of something pretty hilarious that my son had said to him a while ago.  He told him that if we were all in a horror movie together, he would be the one to die first, because he’s the boyfriend, and that my son and I might actually live, but the boyfriend always dies before the female lead and the kid. Yeah, and that didn’t scare him away, I think he’s definitely a keeper. 

As for my son and I, he is now 16, and there aren’t a whole lot of things that we still enjoy doing together, I mean, that he likes to do with me. But we do have our love of horror films, and the discussions and debates that come from them, the analysis that ensues after watching a new one, and the excitement we feel when we find out one of our favorite directors is working on a new one, these are priceless moments for me. I am extremely thankful for our love of The Spooky, for good horror films, and for the bond we have because of them. Hey, whatever works…


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