A Letter To My Poor, Neglected Blog

My Dearest Blog,
I am so very sorry that I have gone totally M.I.A. on you for the past few months! I know it sounds rather trite, but things have really been sort of crazy for me lately. For real. But I think about you all the time, I have missed you dearly, and hope that you will forgive me for my absence. I know, I know! Just hear me out and let me try to explain…

I had all of the best intentions when I wrote my last post on New Beginnings. I was ready to embrace the fresh start that the new year offers, and I was committed to telling you everything. Well okay, not everything, just the stuff that I would let my Mom read, because I know you’re friends. So the intentions were there but then everything changed. My boyfriend and I decided to move in together and began looking at houses immediately. Well, technically, we started looking at houses first, and then we had the conversation about it, because sometimes things just happen backwards, you know? We found a place that we totally fell in love with, but we had to sign a lease that started in less than a month. Then we had to tell my son and make sure he was cool with the whole thing, which thankfully he was,  so we were a go! Crazy packing chaos ensued, quickly followed by the moving day insanity.

Strange Things My Boyfriend Owns #37

You’re not going to believe this, but the most stressful part of the move wasn’t any of the things I just mentioned! I know, it’s hard to imagine, but the most painful part was the unpacking. I mean, holy fucking shit, that part sucked. To put it in perspective for you, three and a half months later and there are still 4 or 5 boxes left. Yep, seriously. But I learned a few valuable lessons from it, which I hope to never have to use because I would like to NEVER have to move again!.Let’s just say that I rescued my boyfriend from a possible future as a hoarder, and leave it at that. For now.

Combining two complete households of crap into one wasn’t the only challenge that we faced once we were all moved in, because the two households of crap belonged to two, somewhat set in their ways, grown adults with their own ways of doing things. And issues. I have mine, he has his, some are definitely bigger than others. There was even a bit of undiagnosed OCD that reared it’s rather peculiar head. So yeah, major adjustments had to take place, the least surprising and most significant one of course was with my son. He had to get used to having my boyfriend around all the time, and my boyfriend had to deal with adjusting to the wonderful world of parenting a teenager. It could probably go without saying, but THIS WAS NOT EASY. It is an ongoing process of adjustment and learning, but I think we’re doing pretty okay now. And I am absolutely certain we are going to be awesome.


So, on top of all of that, the cats have gone insane. The house may or may not be haunted, possibly by a ghost cat. We lost the thousand dollar stuffed fish in the move, which eventually (sadly) found its way home. We had a total nightmare experience with the gangsta cable guy from hell. We’re still pondering the bizarre security system, and the need for video camera surveillance in this neck of Suburbia (my theory is that Russian drug lords were the last renters). I finally have a deck garden again!! My son turned 17, and has no interest in getting his driver’s license. We survived junior year (what a bitch). I discovered Family Locator (best freaking invention EVER). I also discovered Pinterest… I know, I know, I said I would NEVER go there, but it was for work, and well, it’s really not so bad. Don’t get mad at me, there’s room for both of you in my life, and you will always be my true love!

Well, that’s all the major stuff, I could go on and on, but I just wanted you to know where I’ve been and what’s been going on. I promise to sit down and tell you all about all of these stories very soon. Please, please know that a day has not gone by that I haven’t thought of you, I have truly missed you dearly and promise to visit with you on a much more regular basis going forward. Thank you so much for understanding, I’ll talk to you soon!! xoxo

Yours Always,

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5 thoughts on “A Letter To My Poor, Neglected Blog

  1. This post is so relatable to me because I also have a 17 year old son and we moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) a couple of years ago. Those first few months were brutal. And now we have a baby, so that throws an interesting dynamic into the mix. This is my first visit, but I think we have a couple things in common, so I’ll be back to check in on you guys. Good luck!

  2. Unpacking truly is awful, especially when you get to the box(es) of stuff that didn’t fit in all the nicely packed boxes. The random boxes, you know, where it’s the blender and the ten pairs of socks you found under the couch when they took the couch away and maybe odd wicker basket from the sideboard that you’d forgotten about…. ugh. And of course the boxes that you unpack and think “what the hell did I pack THIS for?” Good luck. With the packing AND the adapting. That’s a real twofer you’ve got going there. Yikes.

  3. Worst part of packing – hands down, the kitchen. I hate that job! I love throwing things away too, and so basically we always end up moving and then having to buy spatulas again because I inexplicably threw them away!

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