The Millennial Monster’s Monsters

So our cats have gone insane. As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve all been adjusting to our new home and new routines since my boyfriend and I moved in together. It was totally expected there would be a period of adjustment, more for my son and my boyfriend than for me I think, but I TOTALLY did not think there was going to be such an issue with our cats! But they aren’t just having adjustment issues, it’s been 4 months, they have seriously lost their minds. The oldest cat, Joey, was a birthday gift for my son on his 7th birthday. I suppose it is possible that he may just be getting a bit senile, or maybe showing the long-term effects of the less than gentle early years growing up with my son, but we have another theory on what’s going on with him. We think he’s talking to dead people. See, our house may or may not be haunted, a subject which I don’t really want to go into too much at the moment (since it’s getting close to bedtime), but if it is, then that little guy is talking to those ghosts without any doubt. This is what he does – several times a day, almost every time he goes up into the loft over our living room, when he gets to the top of the spiral staircase he stops, looks into the darkness and gives a very guttural “meow” 4 or 5 times, which really sounds like he is saying “hello”. Watch this video and listen for yourself. He then looks down at us, and walks into the loft, as though he was just given permission to enter.

Kinda creepy, right? That’s nothing compared to what is going on with our other cat, Zoe. She is full on possessed or something. This is the sweetest little love bug of a cat you are ever going to meet, but since we moved, she has these psycho fits of growling and hissing and scratching and biting, it’s crazy to the point of us just waiting for her head to start spinning around while she projectile vomits pea soup. Now, there is a very specific trigger for this, which is whenever my boyfriend stands up. That’s it, nothing more than that, he stands and she freaks out. She used to absolutely adore him, when he would walk into the room she would literally stand up on her hind legs begging for him to pet her, he was her favorite. Now she only likes him when he’s sitting down. This photo was taken half an hour before the video, take a look.

Crazy, right? Yep, I know. Our third cat is Indiana, she came with my boyfriend, and she is a little over a year old. She is super cute, and really sweet, and doesn’t really seem fazed by any of this, nothing unusual going on with her at all. Maybe because she’s so young, and everything is still new to her? Maybe because she was a stray and on her own not so long ago? I don’t know. We’re just thankful that one of them is still normal. Wait, there is that strange thing she does at night, lying on the kitchen floor staring under the stove for hours at a time. I guess that is sort of odd too? Hopefully these things are all just move related adjustment issues, because it would really be awesome if our cats would all just get over it and behave normally again. It would also be pretty cool to stop wondering if there are ghosts that are making them act so odd, not that I necessarily believe in such things, but sometimes you just have to wonder, you know…?


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