So the beautiful and magnificent Mama Kat asked, what makes me smile? Aside from my kid, my boyfriend, pets, coffee and wine, that is… I would also have to add writing to this list of my obvious favorite things, as I would probably not have started a blog if I didn’t love to write, right? So excluding the obvious smiles, what else does it for me?

Photography. It’s the one thing that needs to be included amongst the others that make me smile, it completes me. You can get the scoop on all that I have going on and where photography fits in here. It’s true, it is what keeps me sane. And sanity makes me smile. If a few days go by without any sort of creativity, I begin to feel like I can’t breathe. If the writing is blocked, then I focus on the photos. If I don’t have photos to edit, I grab my camera and go take some. And that moment, when you realize that you just captured pure magic, whether it’s through words or a photo, is just absolutely priceless. And that shit makes me smile A-whole-LOT!

I started getting into photography when my son was born, back in the days of film. I took so many photos of that child! It seemed the more I took, the better I got at it, and when digital came on the scene I got really dangerous. That was when I discovered I could sit there for hours with a child (mine was becoming less willing, so I began to offer up my services to friends and family), waiting to capture that magic. I would wait them out, playing with them and taking photo after photo, until I got what I was looking for.

My favorite subjects to photograph are beautiful people and special places, children, LOVE in all of its forms, places of legend, and things that have been abandoned (especially old insane asylums, I don’t know why, it’s just one of my things). And of course, I love to take photos of my kid, my boyfriend and my pets too! So, now I’m going to share some of my favorite smiles with you. I hope you enjoy them!

True Love.

A Father’s Love.

A Child’s Light.

Bike Week, South Dakota.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

New York City

City at Night

Cape May, NJ

California Loner.

Outside Bear Lake, Idaho

Coney Island

Coney Island Art

Overbrook Insane Asylum, NJ

Overbrook Insane Asylum, NJ

A Boy and His Beach

My Kid and His Cat

My Man.

Mama’s Losin’ It


11 thoughts on “Smiles

    • Thank you!! I wish I had more time to spend on my blog, I can’t believe it’s taken so long to respond to your post, apologies! I have the debate every time I leave the house, bring the good camera, the point and shoot, or make do with my phone, I wish I chose right more often than I do…

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